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Hans Hofmann

Hans Hofmann operated a famous teaching studio first in Europe and then in New York at an important moment when Abstract Expressionism was emerging as the dominant art movement. His impressive list of students over the four decades he taught includes Helen Frankenthaler, Red Grooms, Wolf Kahn, Alfred Jensen, Lee Krasner, Louise Nevelson and Frank Stella.

As an Abstract Expressionist, Hofmann was heavily influenced by the subconscious realm. Internal emotions drove much of his art with his master use of colors and application of thick oils. He started hans hofmann search for realpainting portraits in 1903 in the Neoimpressionist style with blotches of paint to create forms. He moved onto Fauvism with the use of black lines and a bright palette, comparable to Matisse. “Hofmann’s artistic range is exceptionally broad,” which was evident in the variety of techniques used from multiple movements. He painted figures and still-lifes until he became in touch with Surrealism in which he used the unconscious to drive his work. There was an open-minded approach to art and all about experimentation. He was thoroughly affected by Kandinsky’s ideals of artistic spirituality. He abandoned the idea of realism, with the exception of using nature as an inspirational tool.

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